Katy Paty Universal Dimmer

Katy Paty Universal Dimmer

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The universal dimmer with load adjustment (R, L, C, ESL, LED) allows the dimming of 90% dimmable light sources on the market.

Designed for fading:

R - bulbs, halogen bulbs
L - low voltage bulbs 12-24 V wound transformers
C - low voltage bulbs 12-24 V electronic transformers
ESL - dimmable energy saving bulbs
LED - LED bulbs
• Allows you to adjust the light intensity continuously with the or button in parallel
• When the power is turned off, the brightness setting is stored in the memory and re-energized
brightness already set to this value
• The type of light source is set by the switch on the instrument panel
• Setting the minimum brightness with the potentiometer on the instrument panel eliminates blinking
different types of energy saving lamps
• Supply voltage 230 V AC
• Output status is indicated by red LED:
- lit when the output is active (with any brightness level)
- blinks at temperature overload, at the same time the output is disconnected
• in 1-MODULE version, DIN rail mounting, using clamp terminals

* Option to connect 15pcs buttons with glow plugs.

Output contact: 2x non-contact output (MOSFET 300 W at Cos = 1).

In 1-MODULE version, DIN rail mounting.

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